Happy Clients

Elodie Camaret Essilor Design Thinking Workshops

It completely changed the way we think about innovation.

- Elodie Camaret, Director of Consumer Innovation, R&D Essilor of America

Diana and Max are phenomenal facilitators with infectious enthusiasm for designing products and services around existing human needs. They're wholistic thinkers who will help you search for improvement opportunities or blue-sky innovations - whether it be internal processes or external products/services - within your company.

We brought them in to guide our U.S. Innovation Lab through a design thinking sprint with the aim of generating product/service ideas for R&D. At the outset, Diana and Max dove right into understanding our organizational goals, helping us zero-in on the scope to be explored in this sprint. They designed informative and fun workshops that taught us empathy-based research methods and data synthesis, as well as led us through several days of ideation using human centered co-design workshops.

Diana and Max expertly guided our team through the rapid prototyping and testing phases where we were able to gather valuable insights for the company. Attending their workshops completely changed the way we think about innovation within the organization. One of our goals was to make design thinking a repeatable process across the company. Diana and Max not only taught us the methods and tools of design thinking, but also helped us get management buy-in.

Throughout their time with us, everyone got inspired with practical tools for working on any challenges using design thinking framework and tools.

Sheila Hurley Essilor Design Thinking Workshops

Hire Them!

- Sheila Hurley, Engineer, R&D Essilor of America

Max and Diana are rare talents who provided us with expert guidance in understanding customer behavior. We hired them to lead our Innovation Lab through a Design Thinking Sprint with the goal of making Design Thinking a repeatable process throughout our organization.

Initially, we did not know what to expect but they made us feel like we were in good hands from Day 1. Throughout the 5 months with us, Diana and Max guided us through identification of Sprint goals, conducting user research and analysis, and kept us on track through prototype testings months later. They were flexible during the whole process which resulted in a more tailored experience to meet our needs.

They also worked closely with us to get buy-in and continued to support the team beyond their contract engagement. I feel confident that we can successfully complete a future design thinking sprint as a result of the training given by Diana and Max. Hire them!

Roni Kennison Essilor Design Thinking Workshops

They get design teams unstuck.

- Roni Kennison, Marketing Manager, Brand Sales Group, Essilor of America

To experience a workshop with Diana and Max is to experience Design Thinking in a fun atmosphere where anything feels possible.

Our team understood that, in the Design Thinking world, workshops are a fundamental tool. They can bring business goals to the surface, align stakeholders, uncover latent customer needs, and get design teams 'unstuck'.

Our business is very complex with multiple moving parts, but no matter the objective, Diana and Max seem to have a workshop strategy and their manner of execution is an art form. They can read the room and anticipate when a pivot is necessary and their supportive nature and approachable demeanor disarms even the most introverted participant. 


They simplify complex ideas & deliver cutting-edge workshops in a practical, hands-on manner

- Matthew Cross, Founder & CEO, Leadership Alliance

Max and Diana of Innovators Labs are master Design Thinking practitioners. They elegantly simplify complex ideas and deliver cutting-edge workshops in a practical, hands-on manner that makes information stick and come to life. 

Their passion for the art & science fo Design Thinking is infused with a refreshingly fun and inclusive approach and commitment to detail. They are truly collaborative partners who help crack the code to better decision making and
effective problem solving.

Max and Diana are consummate professionals whose attention to detail, innovative spirit and business-centric approach exceeds expectations. I highly recommend their peerless services and alliance to your endeavor.


With Diana & Max, you'll get industry practitioners sharing their craft

- Diana Doroftei, IT Senior Training Analyst, Oliver Wyman

Diana & Max are excellent workshop facilitators who go above and beyond the call of duty.

They run Design Thinking sprints to generate new ideas for any business challenge you may have. Their workshops are designed to meet your goals, show you practical solutions for understanding how your target audience thinks, and lead the team in ideating and rapidly testing solutions with materials at hand.

Diana & Max engage cross-functional teams in a way that demonstrates the importance of industry practitioners sharing their craft, and follow through with support beyond the contract date.