Innovation is not a black box. There is a framework with tools to help you innovate in any department. It’s called Design Thinking. We can help.

Max Masure & Diana Sonis - Design Thinking Workshops

Max Masure & Diana Sonis - Design Thinking Workshops

What will happen when you hire us?

You’ll get a tag-team of Design Thinking practitioners with a combined 20 years experience in the field to help you solve challenges across departments.

We will design a series of workshops around your specific challenge. Sometimes, 1 week is enough to make progress; other times a longer collaboration is needed. Either way, you will get the guidance and support you need to make big changes within your organization, and a repeatable Design Thinking process to use whenever needed going forward.

Our workshops will be on-site, in your office, no matter if you’re in the U.S. or internationally located. Weekly check-in conference calls with us keep everyone on track throughout the process, and help with getting other departments on board and management buy-in.

Our workshops can be adapted to small teams of 2 people or to large groups of 40 or more.

Max Masure & Diana Sonis - Design Thinking Workshops

We'll guide your team to

• Define your long term goals & identify specific challenges to solve

• Rock customer interviews with empathy to discover their goals & motivations

• Analyze the data gathered to build a product or service to match the goals & motivations of your target audience

• Identify the biggest pain points in your customers’ experience to ideate solutions in a collaborative environment with a cross-functional team

• Quickly prototype solutions for immediate feedback with real customers and generate insights to plan for next steps


We will help you make sense of your current challenge, and recommend ways we can work/play together! 

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