Hire Max Masure & Diana Sonis, two UX designers with 20+ years of combined industry experience, to guide your team through Design Thinking Workshops to solve your business challenges. 

 Max Masure & Diana Sonis, teaching Design Thinking.

Max Masure & Diana Sonis, teaching Design Thinking.

Max Masure - Design Thinking Workshops

Max Masure

Max Masure is a driven, independent creative director and workshop facilitator based in Brooklyn, NY. Drawing on his extensive background in design thinking, he trains innovation lab teams in large organizations to use creativity, empathy and collaboration in pursuit of awesomeness.

For the past 12 years, Max worked as the UX and Design lead for an array of organizations, from startups to Fortune 50 companies, in both Paris and New York City. In 2015, he developed the first online talk therapy app, Talkspace, which has successfully helped vulnerable individuals connect with an online support system. In 2013 and 2014, Max worked with Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse on award-winning mobile banking tools. Max began his career with an education in Design, Digital and Communication Arts.

He was vice president of the Paris-based organization Girlz in Web, helping to promote women in the IT and web industry. He also participated in Start in Paris, a monthly event that promotes the French start-ups.  When he’s not tackling tough design challenges, Max spends way too much time on roller skates or seeking out the best chocolate croissant in New York.


Diana Sonis

Diana Sonis is a Los Angeles-based, product & service experience design lead and design thinking workshop facilitator with extensive business experience.

Over the past 8 years, Diana has led user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) design and strategy for an array of companies - from startups focused on defining their ideas to Fortune 500 corporations who are re-defining their existing products and services. Her most recent projects include, facilitating a 6-month design thinking sprint at Essilor of Americas and leading UX design and strategy for Siemens NX CAM.

As an independent consultant, Diana also led UX Design on Waypoint, an iOS mobile application that lets people discover and share the best places to visit, all through their network of family and friends. We iterated quickly, shipping 34 iOS App Store builds over 10 months to meet user needs and product KPIs.

Prior to her consulting practice, Diana co-founded BuzzTarget, a B2B SaaS company in commercial real estate. Using Design Thinking methods, she led user experience design & customer service design from strategic visioning through implementation. BuzzTarget was acquired by RealNex in 2014.

In 2009, Diana invested in, and led customer experience (CX) design while overseeing strategic partnerships at NabeWise, a data-driven technology company that helped movers & travelers discover neighborhoods worldwide. NabeWise was acquired by AirBnB in 2012.

Diana holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from NYU, and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA). Her secondary education also focused on Social Science Research.

When she's not solving design problems, Diana serves on the board of directors of SVN International Corp., and can be found in pursuit of good coffee everywhere.

Elodie Camaret Director Consumer Innovation - R&D ESSILOR of AMERICA

Making our clients successful

“Diana and Max are phenomenal facilitators with infectious enthusiasm for designing products and services around existing human needs. They're wholistic thinkers who will help you search for improvement opportunities or blue-sky innovations - whether it be internal processes or external products/services - within your company. Diana and Max not only taught us the methods and tools of design thinking, but also helped us get management buy-in. Throughout their time with us, everyone got inspired with practical tools for working on any challenges using design thinking framework and tools."

Check out how we helped Essilor of America generate more ideas →

“Attending their workshops completely changed the way we think about innovation within the organization.”

— Elodie Camaret - Director Consumer Innovation - R&D ESSILOR of AMERICA

 Experience Mapping workshop at Essilor of America - June 2017.

Experience Mapping workshop at Essilor of America - June 2017.


How is this going to help you?

Monday morning: you need to do something about this new product you want to launch before Fall.  You’ll gather your team around the table and ask for ideas. Yes, brainstorming!

An active, very confident team member, launches into a long list of ideas he has. Everybody listens to him; no one contributes. There is no need. He’s got the best ideas anyway; he must know something you don’t.

You agree to meet next week to get started. Great meeting.

Next week rolls around. Someone raises their hand; someone came up with a great idea. But, wait, what about those original ideas from last week? Which one is the best idea? You spend the meeting spinning in circles. Maybe, we should wait for more ideas before committing to something?

The meeting ends. Nothing has been decided. But, you’ve agreed to meet up again next week to discuss how to proceed.

This endless cycle of “innovation” meetings plays out across industries and businesses every day. It’s a team motivation killer, wasting time and money for the company.



of projects fail due to lack of customer acceptance
Forrester Research (2008)


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Jacob Nielsen (2008)


of executives put customer experience as top strategic priority
Forrester Research (2011)

We are here to help you.

Innovation is not a black box. There is a framework with tools to help you innovate in any department. It’s called Design Thinking. We can help.

Using the Design Thinking methodology and tools in fun, collaborative workshops, we’ll guide your team to focus on solving pertinent problems to solve, and help you test your ideas using rapid prototyping with real users - before you spend money implementing ideas that no one will buy.

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